The representatives of the CSIPB took part in events for the Day of the Assembly of Ukraine

21.01.2022 14:10

On January 21, in Cherkasy, on the eve of the celebration of the great holiday, the Day of the Unity of Ukraine, the employees of the institute, together with representatives of the regional and city councils and the public, took part in the ceremony of laying flowers at the monument "Fighters for the Freedom of Ukraine".

It was on January 22, 1919 that the Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed, which entered the history of the Ukrainian people as a holiday of national unity.

This is a really important date that once again reminds Ukrainians that we are all one people. Let's remember that fortitude, optimism and patriotism make us strong and invincible. May peace and tranquility, love and mutual understanding reign in every Ukrainian family!


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